What is online journalism?

I must admit, when I first joined this class I did not have that much love for online journalism. I thought it enabled too many mistakes and too often allowed amateurs to do the job of professionals.

After this class, I’ve definitely softened up a little bit with my feelings about it. I liked putting together slideshows and the last assignment where we had to cover and blog actually showed me how useful web savvy can be. I gained more perspective and had it drilled further into my head that “adapt or die” will have to be my philosophy for online journalism. The world is moving away from paper, I better move with it.

I know I will never be on the cutting edge, I still wish that I could have worked in the time when deadlines were always the next day and newspapers were king. But no sense lamenting the past, might as well grab my digital camera, brush up on my web lingo and get ready to cross into the new frontier of journalism.


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